1990 Gibson 175
1978 Ibanez Artist
1964 Danelectro Silvertone
Telecaster – played by Gurrumul in the photo (early 1980 Jap)
Custom Strat – built by the great Franco Raggatt
White Steinberger SS
Casio DG-20
You Rock Guitar
Steel String acoustic by Craig Szabadics
Takamine 12 string
Takamine Nylon string
Custom resonator – built by Greg Stott
National resonator
Custom solid body electric Mandolin
Epiphone F style Mandolin
Nashville banjo
Very old ‘Master’ lap steel
Pipa (not pictured) – bought in Shenzen from Lu Liping
Fender Blues Junior
Roland Jazz Chorus 55
EB Signature 25 combo with Celestion Gold speaker

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